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The Biofeedback Society of Wisconsin is a multidisciplinary professional interest group that is committed to promoting the appropriate use and recognition of biofeedback in health care.

For more information about BSW, membership, or activities please contact us or call 1-608-238-5176 x357.

Click here for the 2009 Conference entitiled "BEING YOUR BEST: Achieving Optimum Performance in Sports, Works, and Life". Reserve Sept. 11th & 12th.

Can biofeedback help you?  Our online presence is for professionals looking for growth in their field, and for the general public interested in learning more about biofeedback as well as those whom are looking for a practitioner in their area.

Membership is open to occupational therapists, psychologists, social workers, physical therapists, physicians, nurses, dentists, biofeedback technicians and any other individuals who are interested in scientific research, clinical application and public education aspects of biofeedback.  We offer the highest quality education in biofeedback at our annual conferences.

Membership includes listing in our member and practitioner directories that are effective vehicles for networking and referrals among members. Also included is our quarterly newsletter which is a source of valuable information about training opportunities and developments in the field. Our educational video is available for free as a download for general educational purposes.

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NOTE: BSW does not endorse or make claims or assurances regarding the qualifications of any of its members,
nor the suitability of the services rendered by the practitioners for the needs of the inquiring individual.

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