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BSW History. BSW: A Historical PerspectiveBy: Linda Nett-DuesterhoeftI  (from Newsletter)

In the early 80s, a group of eight to 10 professionals gathered in each otherís homes, laid a foundation and launched this Society. This founding group elected the first President, Al Nagel. He was in practice at the Jackson Clinic and Rick Rubow, from Madison, succeeded him.

Carl Niemiec, PhD, was one of the founding members and has continued to be a member of BSW to this day. Carl has provided additional information from those early days. He writes that he believes the following people were part of the original efforts: Bob Hoyte, a faculty of Stout; Dave Britton, a biology professor at Ripon College; John Lany, in private practice in Rice Lake. John tells Carl that there had been book passed from President to President that had recorded the history. We have not been able to track this down. Carl writes there was masters level woman from Janesville, whose name he doesnít recall, who was also founding member. Anyone with information about BSW people, history, founders, early members, etc. contact Cynthia Schmitt, the newsletter editor. I acknowledge past and current submissions to this segment on BSW A Historical Perspective   are incomplete and perhaps the spelling and details have blurred. I humbly ask for tolerance and understanding. Omissions no way indicate disrespect, but instead an interest in gathering information. Thank you to all who have contributed to this segment.

NOTE: BSW does not endorse or make claims or assurances regarding the qualifications of any of its members,
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